Swing doors

By switching between different types of thresholds, the swing door series has managed to be able to meet different requirements of your choice. Need outstanding water resistance? or simply want a barrier-free in-house door? Make your own choice and get outstanding heat insulation and strong structural values. The swing door systems offer top-class quality with a long service life plus outstanding multi-points lock protection against unwanted visitors.

Entrance Doors

The entrance door is an ideal product for your front door, it comes with leveled handles on both sides and a key cylinder that allows locking/unlocking the door from outside. It was chosen when you need access from both sides. The entrance door can be built with another slave panel to make a dual-panel french casement door that provides more free opening.

Balcony Doors

Used for Balcony that only needs access from one side, it is very simar with a large window and therefore will only have an operable handle from inside of the door, the exterior will be a finger grip to open the door from outside when it is not locked. The balcony door has a better secure and water performance than the entrance door since it provides more lock points around the panel.

Color Options


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Aluminum Clad

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Hinge & Handles

Flag Hinge

The “flag hinge” name come from the shape of the KTN-6R hinge. The mounting part of the hinge will be exposed and looks like a small flag on the interior sash (for inswing door) or exterior sash (for outswing door). This type of hinge visually more noticeable but it could provide better water performance especially on
outswing doors. This type of hinge could take up to 160 kg of sash weight.

Butt Hinge

KT-R butt hinge hides the mounting part into the gap between frame and sash to achieve a less noticeable hinge on the door. Compared with flag hinge, it is able to take only 120 kg sash weight, and will reduce the water performance especially on outswing units.



Matt Black

Pure White

Satin Nickel

Size Chart

Quick Reference Size Chart
Unit Type Min Width (Inch) Min Height (Inch) Max Width (Inch) Max Height (Inch)
Picture Window* 14 17 140 (80) 140 (80)
Tilt & Turn Window 18 21.5 56 93
French Casement Window 18 21.5 56 93
Hopper 24 14 70 40
Lift and Slide* 54 43 176 (xo) 300 (oxxo) 115
Smart and Slide (XO) 63.5 78 125 102
Smart and Slide (OXXO) 120.5 78 230 102
Swing Door 25 73 45 98
French Casement Door 46 75 85 98

*Short side not to exceed 80 inches, due to limitations on glass.
*Lift and Slide door widths are highly customizable and can be engineered for extremely huge openings. Discuss with our representatives for a custom solution.
*Trapezoid shapes in tilt and turn configurations are unique and should be discussed with your representative.