Handle Installation

Window Installation Handle Placement

The Eurotek series 70 tilt and turn window is shipped with the handle and weep covers packaged separately to avoid damage. before installing the window into the rough opening the operating handle must be attached.

  1. Inspect window unit for damage
  2. Remove all shipping blocks and straps if necessary. do not remove the protective film at this time.
  3. Make sure that the window is closed and locked in position when the handle is pointing down. reinsert the handle in a different position if necessary.
  4. Remove the handle.
  5. Pull out and rotate the cover plate on the handle to expose the screw holes and insert the handle again pointing down.
  6. Turn the handle horizontally to access the bottom hole and attach with the two m8x40 screws
  7. Turn the handle to all three positions and verify that the window tilts, turns, and locks.
  8. When finished rotate the cover plate back into it’s original position.