Lift & Slide

Ventura, CA

The 85mm Lift and Slide system is the most luxurious door in our lineup. This door series is for those that want nothing but the best. Uncompromising features, effortless gliding, and can be installed with a no-threshold option.

Let the sunshine in!

Our lift and slide door is engineered to go BIG for maximum views. This door system embraces the modern, open concept.

Effortless Operation

Large panels means heavy mass. Our 8 bearing rollers under each panel allow the smoothest 1-finger operation, regardless of the size and weight of the panel.

Extreme Testing

Our flagship door is tested to the most extreme conditions: whether it is driving rain, storms, or any other extreme weather conditions: the lift-and-slide door keeps everything out.
It has premium extra thermal insulation with excellent, passive-house-level thermal insulation values.

Color Options


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Aluminum Clad

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White, Titanium

Size Chart

Quick Reference Size Chart
Unit Type Min Width (Inch) Min Height (Inch) Max Width (Inch) Max Height (Inch)
Picture Window* 14 17 140 (80) 140 (80)
Tilt & Turn Window 18 21.5 56 93
French Casement Window 18 21.5 56 93
Hopper 24 14 70 40
Lift and Slide* 54 43 176 (xo) 300 (oxxo) 115
Smart and Slide (XO) 63.5 78 125 102
Smart and Slide (OXXO) 120.5 78 230 102
Swing Door 25 73 45 98
French Casement Door 46 75 85 98

*Short side not to exceed 80 inches, due to limitations on glass.
*Lift and Slide door widths are highly customizable and can be engineered for extremely huge openings. Discuss with our representatives for a custom solution.
*Trapezoid shapes in tilt and turn configurations are unique and should be discussed with your representative.