AAMA Performance Grade

Air/Water Resistance and Structural Performance

What is AAMA Performance Grade?

AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Association. The Performance Grade is a set of performance requirements corresponding to a Design Pressure range. This will simplify the specifier’s task in matching fenestration performance to project requirements and consolidate testing requirements for manufacturers.

Common Factors

Air Leakage

Air leakage is the rate of air movement around a window, door, or skylight in the presence of a specific pressure difference across it. A product with a low air leakage rating is tighter than one with a high air leakage rating.

Water Resistance

The ability of a window or door to prevent water gets into the house. It requires not only a tight seal of the glazing, but also a proper drain system that weep out water gets into the chamber of profile.

Structural Testing

Structural testing measures a window’s ability to resist the intense pressure caused by wind velocity.
To simulate real-life conditions, the window is tested with both positive and negative pressure. There are preload, design-pressure load and over-load that must be performed to the unit. In order to pass the test, the window deflection must less than L/175, where L is the span of the test unit.

Industry practice dictates the use of ASTM test methods which are consolidated into the current AAMA 101 (AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440) document. This standard presents performance requirements based on the type of window and its size.

In our cases, the first priority is ensuring that selected products/options match with the requirements specified by the customer or corresponding building codes.

Tested Products and Performance Level
Unit Type Sample Size Air

(allowed 0.3 cfm/ftˆ2)

Water Structural Design Pressure Report
Picture 59x59 0.00 cfm/ftˆ2 15.04 psf 70 psf PG 70 Download
TNT 47.5x70.75 0.02 cfm/ftˆ2 15.04 psf 60 psf PG 60 Download
Smart Slide 118x98 0.01 cfm/ftˆ2 6.06 psf 30 psf PG 30 Download
Lift and Slide 144x96 0.01 cfm/ftˆ2 9.19 psf 30 psf PG 30 Download
Swing Door(Frame Bottom) 44x85.75 0.09 cfm/ftˆ2 9.19 psf 60 psf PG 60 Download

Above performance are only for corresponding unit in specific sizes, in real practice it will varies based on sizes and options. Smaller size units are tending to have better performance than larger ones. Some options will also impact the performance, for example, the trickle vents and Low-profile thresholds will reduce the water performance.