• All surfaces should be kept free of debris.
  • Immediately remove soiling during the building stage caused by plaster, mortar or similar with water and diluted dish soap.
  • Protect hardware components from contamination (dust, dirt, paint, etc.). do not expose hardware to direct moisture or condensation (important during the building stage).
  • Aggressive vapours in conjunction with small formations of condensation can lead to fast corrosion of the hardware components. timber frames and sashes with a high concentration of (tannic) acid must be treated with suitable surface coatings to ensure that these contents do not evaporate from the timber.
  • No acetic acid or cross-linked acidic sealing compounds or those with the above mentioned contents may be used.
  • The hardware must not be damaged with sharp-edged tools.
  • Clean the fittings with a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild, ph-neutral cleaning agent in diluted form only. never use aggressive, acidic, solvent-based or abrasive cleaners (scouring pads, steel wool, etc.). This can result in damage to the hardware.
  • The series 70 Eurotek tilt and turn windows are built to be extremely durable and with proper care will provide the owner with many years of
    protection from the elements.