why eurotekbak

EuroTek windows is proud to introduce its revolutionary products and services, developed to integrate the Functionality and Aesthetics of advanced European window systems with the American market in mind.The dominant window style in Europe, tilt-turns are gaining popularity in North America as more stringent energy performance targets become the norm. Tilt-turn hardware allows the sash to tilt inward at the top for secure ventilation or turn inward providing a wide opening for emergency egress and unobstructed views. Our extensive industry knowledge has been focused on selecting only the nest materials, hardware, and state of the art manufacturing equipment from around the world to comprise our Windows and Doors.

Eurotek provides innovative functionality and stylish finishes that enhance the appeal and value of your property. Get creative and find out how our wide array of design options and team allow you to create a window that is unique to your specifications.



Leveraging our industry knowledge and global base Eurotek has searched worldwide for the most innovative and aesthetic hardware made. Our worldwide search led Eurotek to partner with European hardware innovators Maco and Dr. Hahn for their superior quality, engineering and long running experience with advanced European style windows. The revolutionary designs and concepts that were pioneered in European hardware systems are now being perfected in their application in our American manufacturing facilities.


Noise Reduction For Pieceful Living

Noise has an immense impact on our quality of life. The results are sleep loss and continuous stress that can cause permanent damage to our health. In todays fast paced world we are bombarded by noise from every direction. After a stressful day the sound of silence is a joy to behold. Make your home a place of serenity with windows engineered to signi cantly reduce the commotion of the outside world.

We have created a product that is double the sound insulation of traditional windows by engineering our products with noise dampening characteristics that are proven effective protection from noise, creating a permanent pleasant atmosphere.


Not all Vinyl is the same

Vinyl formulation is one of the most important and least understood aspects in todays vinyl window market. Not all vinyl is the same. Many factors go into the quality of vinyl, that is why Eurotek has partnered with Aluplast, a German innovator in vinyl formulation. Eurotek uses proprietary extrusions designed by Aluplast with formulation and innovation in mind.


through in GLASS

40% of a buildings energy loss is through Windows and Doors. With so much money flying out the window it is imperative to place quality products in your buildings openings. Typically, 75% of the exposed surface of a window and door is glass, and the temperature of the room-side of the glass directly affects the air temperature in the room. The better insulated the Window and Door glass, the more comfortable your room will be. Eurotek uses state of the art glass technology in all of its products reducing energy consumption and ensuring comfortable living.


Protection you can count on

Meticulously planned and engineered, Eurotek offers structural and security levels exceeding industry standards. Eurotek brings advanced engineering together encompassing all key safety aspects into one window insuring maximum security and piece of mind.



Eurotek’s state of the art fabrication line uses quantitative parameters at every point of the production cycle to make sure that material is in proper condition, if its outside of the acceptable parameters sensors detect and notify the control station of an error and stop the production cycle. Once material has passed its quality insurance it is sent into the production cycle. All cutting, drilling, fastening and insertion is performed by the fabrication line with strict guidelines on where when and how all construction is to be performed. Every angle, depth, and material is performed in the exact parameter that is de ned by the system. Waste is also virtually eliminated by digital optimization performed by our complex software. This attention to detail and consistency is not possible by semi automated or manual production. Efficiencies in quality, speed, and the elimination of waste allow Eurotek to produce the highest quality product at a fraction of the cost of competitor windows.


More than just a Manufacturer

Imagine your project without limits. Ideas moving freely from your mind to pen and paper and then becoming reality. Eurotek wants to make your project dreams a reality. You make the design, you choose the color, you pick the placement. Eurotek makes anything possible, because we believe your project should not be tailored to a product, our product should be tailored to you.

Environmental Responsability

uPVC windows do not only present long-lasting durability but they can also be recycled which is another environmental advantage.
Vinyl products are up to 100% recyclable without loss of quality. Due to the fact that PVC windows are produced environmentally friendly, PVC windows can be made out of recyclable material and can be re-used in the future to extend the lifecycles.
Approximately (40%) of a buildings energy losses arise around the window and door area, these parts of the building envelope are the focus of the efforts to save valuable energy and reduce the costs for heating and/or cooling.
The uPVC windows of Eurotek are designed specifically to prevent these energy losses, ensuring the lowest energy consumption. All of our window materials are also in compliance with the latest Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to the DIN ISO 14025 which reflects the suberb results of the health – and environmental aspects of uPVC windows.

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