In todays fast paced world we are bombarded by noise from every direction. After a stressful day the sound of silence is a joy to behold. Make your home a place of serenity with windows engineered to significantly reduce the commotion of the outside world. We have created a product that is double the sound insulation of traditional windows by engineering our products with the following characteristics.

-This thicker glass package optimizes space to diminish sound and allows us to also alternate glass thickness between the 2 panes which further cuts down sound due to different glass thicknesses resonating at different frequencies.

-Additional options like laminated glass can even further dampen sound by putting a layer of a more viscous material between two panes. In fact, a single pane of 1/4” laminated glass consisting of two 1/8” glass panes bonded to the plastic interlayer actually has as much sound blocking ability as a 1/2” pane of monolithic glass.

Technical note:
• Sound abatement is measured in STC or Sound Transmission Class. The higher the STC the better. An example of STC perception:
+/- 3 STC change is just perceptible +/- 5 STC change is clearly audible +/- 10 STC change is twice as loud

– Eliminating air gaps was a priority in engineering, Euroteks Compression seal consists of a Frame and Sash that are compressed together when closed by gradual locking points that get tighter as the handle is locked. This compacts the rubber gasket eliminating the traditional space that is required with sliding and hung windows that need to slide past each other to operate.

– With no gaps for noise to penetrate we shifted our attention to cutting the transmission through the glass. We achieved higher ratings by standardizing our glass units at 1’’ as compared to to 3/4” on traditional windows.

SERENITY feel the silence & the comfort

Being exposed to permanent, or even only to a short-term but intensive, noise, can lead to a harmful impact on human health. Thus, noise protection is an imperative. We can provide you with the best possible protection against unwanted negative noise effects.

Open Window (heavy traffic) ~ 80 dB
Old Window (single glazed) ~ 60 dB
Standard Window (double glazed) ~ 48 dB
uPVC Window (Ideal 4000) ~ 35 dB

Reduction of 10 dB (decibel) will reduce
noise by 50 %


For a better quality of life

Influencing Factors
1. Framing (Thickness & Air Chambers)
2. Glass Type
3. Glass thickness
4. Gaskets, weather stripping (Compression Seal)
5. Airspace gap
6. Presence of laminated products

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