Meticulously planned and engineered, Eurotek offers structural and security levels exceeding industry standards. Bringing advanced window engineering concepts together and incorporating all key safety aspects into one window consequently providing maximum security and piece of mind.

STEEL Reinforced

The use of high strength 2mm thick Steel to reinforce all vinyl and secure locks directly into the steel core is standard. Many competitors use less supportive aluminum reinforcement or no reinforcement at all (Se blew), allowing locking mechanisms to be ripped/pried from the vinyl during forced entry.

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Standard Vinyl


Unlike annealed or tempered glass, if laminated glass is broken, the glass fragments remain adhered to the interlayer and securely in the frame. This provides  strong barrier against forced entry or wind-blown debris. Since laminated glass can be cut from only one side, glass cutters are rendered useless in the hands of would be intruders.


Annealed Glass

Breaks easily, producing long sharp splinters


Tempered Glass

Shatters completely higher levels of impact energy and few pieces remain in the frame


Laminated Glass

May crack under pressure but tends to remain integral adhering to the plastic vinyl interlayer

WHERE do burglars break in?

According to statistics, burglars main routes are through windows in over 80 % of cases or through patio doors, and not through main door or apartment entrance doors as is often wrongly assumed.

  • Pato Door
  • Window, Ground Floor
  • Main Door
  • Balcony Door 1st Floor
  • Basement Window
  • Basement Door
  • Ancillary Entrance Doors
  • Window, 1st Floor
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