Material Properties

According to DIN EN ISO 1163, aluplast uses the following uPVC-moulding compound as profile system material:

The utilised recipe is free of cadmium and barium.
Other versions / consignments according to system description or on request.

Characteristics CaZn (calcium zinc)

according to standard(s)DescriptionUnitResult
DIN EN ISO 306dimensional stability under heat
Vicat-softening temperature VST/B 50
°C80± 2
DIN EN ISO 179-1 / 1eA / 1eC / 1fCdouble-v impact strengthva
(RAL-toughness) Charpy / test bar according to RAL
at + 23° C
no value below 40
DIN EN ISO 178 / 527-1 and 527-2flexural modulus E / tensile modulus EN/mm²2800
DIN EN ISO 182-2 / DIN 53 381-1stability time Stt
pH-measurement methods,
oil bath /conductivity measurement methods
at + 200° C
40± 6

General characteristics of uPVC

according to standard(s)DescriptionUnitResult
DIN 53752
coefficient of linear expansion
from - 30° to + 50° C
1/K7 x 10-5
DIN 52612-1/-2/-3
guarded hot plate method
thermal conductivity
DIN 4102-1fire performance uPVC
flat profiles
DIN 4102-1fire performance uPVC
hollow chamber profiles
DINEN 13501-1fire performance uPVC-E
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