Make a Space Special with Glass

Glass rooms are inherently special with maximum sunshine into your house. Strategically placed glazing is at your rescue: a glass ceiling or a glass wall.

1) Extending your plat pane with bay window

You can always turn your patio into a sunroom. With glass ceilings and glass wall, your patio sunroom will become a perfect place for reading and drinking tea.

2) A wall of window

The solid wall that closed the alcove to hide the bed was removed, in favor of a glass wall lined with a sheer fabric lightly hiding the area and allowing it to receive the light of day, protecting your privacy but also giving you the sunshine.

3) Interior Courtyard

An interior Courtyard will bring up the architectural beauty of art and meanwhile maximized the sunshine into your room. You can always have a interior courtyard for greenery or a cozy corner to take rest.

*Images from Internet